There are many nimble ways by which each one of us can demonstrate our concern or responsibility towards maintaining the ecological balance and we are just trying to do that in whatever little capacity we could. Ours is not a good bag with limited set of offerings but it is like a open ended canvass of the painter, which could be expanded as far as the imagination can go. Our DNA is to do whatever we can do to help the ecology which could range from   avoiding usage of chemicals or plastics, recycling waste, planting more trees, keeping good health by adopting naturopathy/yoga, promoting organic food or preservative-less food products etc. And whatever we do, we would like to be clear that we don’t except you to compromise on your basics comforts and we don’t believe in making anything which is nice as expensive. All in all, we believe that whatever ecolive espouses for, would be affordable, inclusive, sustainable and easy to adopt/practice.  

What is Ecolive about?


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