Our DNA is to do whatever we can do to help the ecology which could range from avoiding usage of chemicals or plastics, recycling waste, planting more trees, keeping good health by adopting naturopathy/yoga, promoting organic food or preservative-less food products etc.

These engagements elevate the organization’s brand value by adding ecology consciousness to its DNA and ensure that the end-users too are much more sensitive towards ecology.

Our motto is essentially
“Wellness of Nature & Nature for Wellness”


To create awarness about the efects
our actions have of the ecosystem


To reverse the damage we have inflicted on Earth with the help of the services we offer.


Completed projects


Water saved (in litres)


States Accross India

Why Sustainability?

The damage we have inflicted on Mother Earth affects us in terrible ways. From polluted rivers to depleting ground water, rising incidence of diseases like asthma, cancer, unpredictable weather patterns, contamination of food sources and so on.

If we don’t learn to live in harmony with nature right now, we will leave our children to a miserable life on Earth. Not just that, we actively choose to suffer the effects of the damaged ecology.

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations.

Why choose Ecolive?

We ensure that the facilitation we carry out is done with minimal disruption to business operations and has end-user participation/engagement as its integral component.

  • » Committed towards sustainability
  • » Very knowledgeable &experienced
  • » Transparent functioning
  • » Agility of startup but experience of veterans
  • » Adequately capitalised
  • » Leads from the front
  • » Capable of executing projects pan India

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