Looking the other way is no longer an option

The biosphere is falling apart and it is not a pretty sight. Our planet is under threat not from an impending collision with a comet but the unrestrained activity of the most dominant species on the planet, the human being. Ironically, the damage we have inflicted on Mother Earth affects us in terrible ways too. From polluted rivers to depleting ground water, rising incidence of diseases like asthma, cancer and flu, unpredictable weather patterns resulting in droughts in some places and floods in others, contamination of food sources with fatal toxins like lead and mercury and so on. If we don’t learn to live in harmony with nature right now, and it is already too late, we will leave our children to a miserable life on the earth. Not just that, we actively choose to suffer the effects of the damaged ecology by refusing to do anything about it in our personal capacity.

What can I do?

Adopt naturopathy / yoga

Living in harmony with nature brings great health benefits and practicing Yoga keeps one plugged into the natural world.

Recycle waste

Not only does recycling reduce pollution, it also saves a lot of money by increasing the longevity of products.

Ecoliving is to live in harmony with nature. This is no longer optional but an imperative that must be followed if we are to leave the world inhabitable for future generations.


Promote organic food

Food literally makes us who we are. It is important to remove all toxic and harmful substances from what we eat most of which come from the use of fertilizers and pesticides in growing crops.

Plant more trees

One of the most effective ways to counter the tide of ecological crisis is to plant more and more trees. It is the only way to reclaim our natural spaces.

We help you make the transition to ecoliving

We don’t preach, we practice. And we are happy to help others join us in our mission of living more responsibly.

Holistic Wellness Centers

Our centers help people cope with the stress and pressures of modern living through diverse natural healing processes like Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupressure and so on.

Waste Management

Our structured approach trains and equips organizations in the double aspects of reducing waste as well as handling it more effectively.

Water Management

We work towards different means of water saving, be it water conservation or water recycling. We offer varied water-saving solutions based on the customer profile and his location.

Eco Products

Our endeavor in this space is to make organic food and products easily accessible to the customers that will help them in maintaining a  healthy lifestyle.

Eco Tourism

We organize farm trips that help urban crowd especially kids getting close to nature. These kinds of trips make them aware of organic and inorganic and what is healthy and what is not.

solar energy solutions

We all know the importance of renewable energy. We have also decided to do our part in promoting solar energy-based solutions and products.

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