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We have worked out a wide range of solutions to help you live in an ecologically responsible manner. These include enabling practices such as eliminating plastics and synthetic chemicals from daily use, recycling waste, afforestation programmes, naturopathy/yoga sessions, promoting organic food etc. We believe that eco-living does not have to be uncomfortable or prohibitively expensive and therefore, our products and solutions are practical and affordable.

Our Solutions


Environmental Consciousness & Happiness

The writing is on the wall and it reads loud and clear that if we have to give our environment a chance, we need to course correct now. Fully conscious of this ecological imperative, we are constantly on the lookout to spread the awareness and the know-how of adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. We call it the Environmental Consciousness and Happiness (ECH) quotient and are always happy to work with individuals or organizations in helping them implement the best “ecoliving” practices and thus increasing their ECH quotient. We have all kinds of programs ranging from a few hours to a few months that make you and your organization reconnect with nature and function in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Holistic Wellness Centers

We live in times when taking highly concentrated chemicals are considered to be a cure for all ailments ranging from tooth-ache to indigestion. Popping the pill has almost become a reflex action. We want you to take a break from this pill-popping and symptom-based approach to health by introducing you to our holistic wellness centers that focus on self-healing through various techniques like Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Chakra healing, Channelling or Pranic healing, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and some Allopathy too. Our intent is that the healing methodology should be as natural as possible but at the same time shouldn’t be rigid or tightly coupled with one line of treatment only. More about our holistic healing methodologies can be found at 

Waste Management

In this era of unbridled growth, continuing industrialization, and rampant urbanization, waste management has become critical to our health and survival as a species. However, we believe that society cannot outsource the responsibility of managing its waste to a handful of ‘experts’ and therefore, must work out a way to decentralize the process and empower individual households and corporations to minimize waste generation. Our solutions for waste management are practical, easy to implement, effective and affordable.

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Solar energy

The modern society’s dependence on fossil fuels has been a major source of pollution, climate change, and global warming. The only way forward available to society is to switch to renewable sources of energy and among all the available options, harnessing the energy of the Sun is the most technically and commercially viable alternative. Our solar-energy-based solutions and products power your homes and offices with clean energy that is also highly efficient.

Water Management

With depleting water tables and rapidly contracting fresh water sources, it is often said that the third world war will be driven by conflicts over water. Given the magnitude of the problem, a lot of work and effort is needed at the level of international diplomacy and what not. But we ask ourselves, “What can we do as individuals?” The simplest, most cost-effective and time-tested solution is rain-water harvesting, a very ancient technique to keep store rain water for the not-so-rainy day. Ecolive offers many programs and solutions for water conservation depending on the location and profile of the customer.



Using SLS or Paraben free cosmetics, oil-based natural soaps & detergents, cotton-based products is the least that we can do to living in harmony with nature. Much is said about the condition of farmers in India as well as the use of toxic chemicals in agriculture. We believe that the two problems are interlinked because if the farmers get a fair price for what they produce, the obsession with maximizing yield through artificial means will also not hold. Thus our endeavor in this space is to connect farmers directly with the consumers so that nutritious and organically produced food directly reaches them.


How long we would continue teaching kids about ecology only via class rooms? As per our experience if the same is shown to them live then the learning as well as impressions last for lifetime. Our field and farm trips help kids discover how milk reaches from farms to cities and then to our homes or how the honey reaches from “Bee to Breakfast” or how vegetables/fruits are grown or how cereals are grown/harvested. These kind of trips make them aware about organic and inorganic and what is healthy and what is not. We don’t force anything on them during trips or after trips because our purpose is to just make them aware and thereafter leave it to them to decide for themselves. For the same we are on constant lookout for eco-friendly places, which adhere to philosophy and the same is shared with our patrons so that they can also benefit.

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